Villa Don Copper Doors

Door Villa Don 01

Although Lothar's material of choice is marble, his most exciting commissions were executed in metal

- in particular hand beaten copper. 

starting point

He started with 6'x3' sheets of copper, which were then heated with a torch until they were maleable, then beaten into a form similar to a bathtub.


Lothar referenced them to the Irish carachs on the Isle of Aran where the fishermen carry their skin boats on their backs like a turtleshell.  Bottom side up, the convex was then beaten back to the desired shape, the folds of copper creating unique textures. 






The Dutch client, who loved to sail, built a villa overlooking the √Ągeri lake as if it were a boat. The entrance way designed and executed by Lothar enhanced this imagery with a construction inducing sails caught in the wind.

 Door Villa Don detail